ASP.NET MVC 5 CancellationToken fix

Hey everyone!

I got a neat little fix for you.

Problem: CancellationToken not being cancelled upon request abort.

We stumbled upon this small bug whilst implementing a straight foward, basic MVC 5 application.
My co-worker pointed out that the following code, although valid and correct was not working as expected in MVC 5:

public async Task Test(CancellationToken token)
	var now = DateTime.Now;

	while (DateTime.Now < now.AddMinutes(1))
		if (token.IsCancellationRequested)
			return Json(false);

		await BotherGoogle(token).ConfigureAwait(false);

	return Json(true);

private async Task BotherGoogle( CancellationToken token)
	using (var httpClient = new HttpClient())
		await httpClient.GetAsync("", token).ConfigureAwait(false);

I would call this action from JavaScript and abort the XHR request on the client after 5 seconds:

function startTest() {
	var xhr = $.get('@Url.Action("Test")', function(data) {;
	});'Test started');

	setTimeout(function() {
		xhr.abort();'Test aborted');
	}, 5000);

As soon as the request had been aborted on the client, it would take around +- 40 seconds before the cancellation token on the server was marked as cancelled.

A solution

A solution, pointed out by Muhammad Rehan Saeed on David Paquette’s blog here involved linking 2 cancellation tokens together so if one cancellation token gets cancelled, so would the linked ones:

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