Status report


Looks like its been almost a month since my last post 😡
I know, I’ve been busy with all kinds of useless and time consuming projects for college -.-‘

Anyway, one good thing came out of it tho!

I’ve finished my ASP project and at the same time, my Events & Seminar website where users can sign up for one of my events or seminars ^.^

Altho I’m having some issues with my webhost atm (yea, when working local everything always works!)
Seems they don’t have installed the neccesairy tools for ASP.NET Session State Mangement so my website is pretty much worthless atm, it doesn’t run like it’s supposed to 😛

Anyhow, I’m sure we’ll get it fixed quickly so I can finally get everything up and running!

|*| Update 30/11

Looks like they don’t get what I’m talking about -.-‘
Anyway, I’m thinking about making my own session handler similar to the built-in SQLServer session state management 😀
The general idea is the same: use SQL Server to store & retrieve session data

Next few weeks will be intense aswell, since I have exams coming up and all :<

That’s about it…

– Dirk

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